Que Rico tapas

Broken eggs with truffle

A classic tapa with a pinch of luxury

Broken eggs (huevos rotos) are truly delicious themselves. If you add black truffle, the result is a morsel for the gods

Tapas recipes you can make at home. This broken eggs with black truffle (tuber melanosporum) is a morsel for the gods. Broken eggs, huevos rotos in Spanish, is a classic tapa you can find in many places. In my region, Aragón, they are one of the dishes we always have to order when we go out for tapas. You can find them in different ways: the potatoes can be sliced or cut in strips; the eggs can be fried on top of them, os mixed; you can add ham, chorizo, foie… or black truffle!

Here it´s my recipe for broken eggs or huevos rotos with truffle. If you don´t have a black truffle, don´t worry, try them without and you will enjoy one of the most simple, humble and delicious dishes from Spain.

For 2 portions


¡Buen provecho!

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