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Huevos rotos recipe (Broken eggs)

Huevos rotos or broken eggs is one of my favourite dishes. It´s a very common dish that you can find in many taverns and bares when you go out for tapas in Spain.

The way the huevos rotos are presented depends on the chef. They can be served with a bed of potatoes and the eggs on top so you have to cut and mix before eating. Or, like in my favourite tapas bar in my home city, served already mixed and shaped like in the picture. So, yes, I copied their style as I think it looks attractive and more appealing (although the result in terms of flavours is the same, I can guarantee).

The recipe is very simple, it´s just the way you have to cook the potatoes and the eggs to end up with a creamy and moist mixture.

You have on my blog the recipe of broken eggs with truffle but the method is the same.

The pictures show the step by step. I hope it helps.

Ingredients for 4 people (4 portions)


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