Black garlic. I love it!

Black garlic
Black garlic


Black garlic
Black garlic

Black garlic. I love it!

Since I discovered it, I am a passionate of black garlic. Here you have three courses meal cooked with black garlic that you can replicate or adapt or improve at home.

I have to confess that I am not very keen on garlic. Only if it is cooked or fried I may accept it but I can’t stand it raw. It is too strong and my stomach complains. So, bearing in mind I have to care it as I have just one, I decided to get rid of the raw garlic from my menu (and frankly, being Spanish it is diffiult as many recipes have raw garlic).

Then, someone gave me a bulb of black garlic a time ago and promised me that it was something different. I was reluctant to use it as I though: “well, garlic is garlic. I will have the same problem: the taste, the smell, the aftertaste…” but as I love trying new things I had a go. And it wowed me!

The smell is like garlic, obviously, but despite the strong smell the taste is completely different: a bit sweet, a bit savoury, a bit spicy, slightly garlicy but without the aftertaste and with a hint of liquorice. For all these hint of flavours, the black garlic suits with a wide variety of dishes: vegetables, meat, fish or even desserts. You can make sauces, scent oils, mayonaisse… The list is endless!

And for those who like to eat a toast spreaded with garlic and olive oil for breakfast, this is the solution to avoid garlic breath…

The jelly like texture means it can be eaten even as a snack.

So, if you want to experiment new ingredients and new recipes, here you have two! I hope you enjoy it! ¡Buen provecho!

Cauliflower soup with black garlic and ginger

Pork loin steack in black garlic sauce




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