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Artisan products from Spain

Artisan cheese from Spain

Products that maybe you don´t know but they are worth to try. Trust me!

When my customers ask me for a menu with authentic Spanish products they haven´t tried yet, I always include some from my region, Aragón. We have amazing and varied gastronomy that is not very well-known abroad so I love to be a sort of ambassador of it in Cambridge.

And one of the products I love is this cheese. It´s made in a tiny village in the mountain, Moncayo, near my home town. The company, Quesería artesana El Acebo de Moncayo, is an artisan, independent producer and the project goes far from just making artisan products but doing it environmentally sustainable. The sheep´s milk cheese they produce is made with a breed which was about to disappear in Moncayo.

The care they put in the elaboration of their cheese and jams is extreme so the high quality of their products.

They produce goat´s and sheep´s milk cheese. Both are intense in flavour, perfect with quince jelly and a glass of white wine.

You can include it in the Private Chef Tapas Menu instead of/or with Manchego cheese board. That´s my recommendation.

¡Buen provecho!



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