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A nibble of choriceta: crunchy appetizer

Choriceta tiny wraps

Choriceta tiny wraps

A nibble of choriceta is a perfect bite for cocktail parties. It is tasty, crunchy and small enough to eat it in a bite.

Choriceta (or txistorra in euskera language) is a sort of sausage which comes from the Basque Country, Navarra and Aragón. It is made with fresh meat, salt, garlic and paprika. Similar to the well-known chorizo, choriceta is longer and thinner but must be cooked. The taste is subtly different too as choriceta is a little bit more seasoned than chorizo.

As it has a unique flavour I decided to cook choriceta in small bites to feel the taste in mouth gently but not too strong. I got the balance baking the small portions of choriceta wrapped in shortbread pastry. A crunchy, tasty nibble!


A nibble of choriceta is a tasty and crunchy bite. It is made with choriceta, a kind of chorizo, wrapped in puff pastry.

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