Wines and tapas tastings 2017: discover Spanish gastronomy


Wines and tapas tastings 2017 to discover Spanish gastronomy

5 tastings throughout 2017 from 5 different areas from Spain where you will discover the diversity of  wines that the country offers.

The wines will be paired with traditional dishes from the same areas, using always using the required authentic Spanish ingredients and traditional recipes.

Que Rico Tapas and Cambridge Wine Merchants Cherry Hinton Rd team up again for a tasting series in 2017. Like last year, we are organising a series of 5 tastings -and one special event- that will take place every other month. We will travel around Spain tasting the variety and diversity of the Spanish regional cuisines.

Save these dates in your diary!

1.- Sherry and tapas tasting

We will start the trip in the South of Spain with a sherry tasting matched with tapas.

That will be on February 21st, at 7:00pm

2.- Cocktails and tapas

On Saturday 18th of March we will hold a very special and unique event, a tasting with cocktails and tapas! The classic cocktails will be paired with tapas, matching flavours and discovering new ways to enjoy a cocktail.

3.- Wines and tapas from Aragon to celebrate St George’s Day

On April 22nd we will celebrate St George’s Day with a wine tasting from Aragon. The wines will be paired with traditional dishes from that region and surrounding regions like Navarra. It is my particular way to celebrate my patron saint’s day, Saint George, a bank holiday in Aragon, my region, and now my adopted patron saint too since I live in England.

4.- East Coast (Catalonia and Valencia)

In June we will travel to the East Coast of Spain. The wines and the tapas will remind you of summer, the sun and the holidays! From Catalonia to the south along Valencia, the East Coast has a fantastic variety of wines and the food is based on local products like rice, game and seafood.

5.- Wines from La Rioja

In September the wine tasting will focus on La Rioja, probably the most well-known Spanish wines abroad. However, there is always something new to discover in terms of new wines, new brands, new blends. These magnificent wines will be paired with tapas from the same region, an area in Spain famous as well for its tapas and its rich gastronomy.

6.- North of Spain

We will finish our trip in the North of Spain. We will have the last tasting of the year in November and the wines will cover all the regions that face the Cantabrian sea: Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. The food will warm us up as this area, very cold in winter, is famous for its comfort food based on legumes, meat and fish.

Each tasting includes 5 wines and 5 tapas for £32.50 per person. 

Bookings are required by calling the Cambridge Wine Merchants Cherry Hinton Rd 01223 214548

We will keep you updated about dates and menus. Please, indicate if you require a vegetarian menu or have an allergy or other dietary requirements.




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