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“Chef at home”

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Do you want a formal dinner or just some snacks to eat with your friends? Are you celebrating a special occasion or do you just fancy trying something different?

It does not matter because there is a “tapa” for any occasion. There is such a wide variety of them that you always will have something new to discover.

¡Qué Rico! Tapas is authentic Spanish cooking: customising a menu according to your likes, preferences and budget and then cooking it for you. 

We wants to spoil you with good food and outstanding service. Our “chef at home” service provides a unique experience. We cook the menu of your choice at the venue of your choice. You therefore can enjoy the food, taste new flavours and textures and also learn about Spanish cookery. To sum up, we want you to become closer to the Spanish culture through our gastronomy.

Our “chef at home” service is easy to obtain in three steps.

Step one: e-mail us through our website. We need to know how many people will take part in the event and the date you have in mind.

Step two: we will arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and to recommend the best choice from the many different options that ¡Qué rico! Tapas offers to you.

Step three: once you agree the menu, ¡Qué rico! Tapas will start planning and will have everything ready for a chef to cook for you at the venue of your choice.

Please note that all menus are for a minimum of 2 people and that we require at least one week’s notice.